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Empowering Beauty Boutique is a project that Communities Together has set up to help women from Kirklees who feel disempowered, disenfranchised and suffer from financial abuse. It is a space and a place to gather together, support each other and sell crafts and clothes, that they have made to gain financial independence. The Empowering Boutique also trains ladies in beauty techniques so that they are able to set up small beauty businesses from home. 


Communities Together is firmly committed to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

The motive is to demonstrate that 50% of the world’s population refuse to be shut out and that support is given for the right to be equal.

We believe the Empowering Beauty Boutique provides a platform on which, all voices are heard and no woman or girl is left behind.


The International Development Research Centre sites the following, deeply rooted social norms and household responsibilities prevent women from certain cultural backgrounds from moving around independently, causing them to become more negatively affected by environmental degradation than men. Now researchers from LEAD have identified several policy avenues to address barriers to women’s ability to engage in paid work, go to school, and stay safe and healthy in their daily lives.


Often these cultural and social norms transfer to the communities in the UK. Our role is to ensure people stay aware and educated so that practices such as, financial abuse become a thing of the past.


The Communities Together empowering women project is a small step in supporting local women from Kirklees to gain financial independence, through the creation of a community boutique and beauty room.


This space is designed for women to gather together, make and sell items at prices that reflect their creativity, handywork and time.


The items are sold online, on established market platforms and the funds received are given to the creator of the item, so that they are able to gain financial independence and ultimately a voice.

"Involving, engaging with communities and building community assets"

Some images from the Boutique:-


South asian

confidential meets

Communities Together has recently launched a project to confidentially help and support the local Asian LGBTQ Community, as they are a targeted, unrepresented portion of the society.

In the local area as well as nationally it is an extremely difficult and an intense emotional struggle to come out as an individual of the LGBTQ community, for people of South Asian heritage.

The root of this stems from many different opinions, beliefs and practices held by the South Asian Community from internal denial or rejection to family matters and how it would affect their extended community. This causes many significant challenges and questions such as – Do I have to leave my faith? Will I be ostracised? Will this affect my siblings and their marriage proposals?

Communities Together has created a free, safe and confidential space where culturally sensitive support, information and resources are provided, so the South Asian LGBTQ community are able to come together and feel at ease.

We help by providing the community with an ear to listen, support and advice for questions about their gender and identity, dealing with their families, culture and faith.


We encourage all members of the LGBTQ Community to come together, in a confidential safe space.

This help to create a peer- to- peer support system that shows, that no matter what, there is someone there for you in your strengths as well as your struggles.

'My History - My Heritage'

In 2007 We ran a six week project with teenagers who's parents or grandparents came from India or Pakistan. The projects, entitled 'My history - My heritage' supported an understanding of the creation of Pakistan and the independance of India. The project also concentrated on pre-Islamic history of India and the various states that existed in the region.

The below videos are an example of the resources that were used to support understanding. We wish to thank Pathe News and Granada Television for the use of the video footage.

"Supporting people to have more control and independence, and increased resilience"

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